How to Install KeePass in Linux Mint / Ubuntu

Add the KeePass repository

For the latest and greatest KeePass installation on Linux, we must add a repository. We just need to fire up a terminal, with Ctrl+Alt+T, and type:

sudo apt-add-repository ppa:jtaylor/keepass -y

Just a reminder for Linux newcomers, when we use the „sudo“ command, and we enter our password, nothing will show as we type, no stars or dots or anything. We just enter the password and hit Enter.

For more information about Linux terminal commands, check out our guide:

After successfully adding the repository, we need to do an update with:

sudo apt-get update

Install KeePass

Once the update is done, and we had no error messages, we type the following command to install KeePass:

sudo apt-get install keepass2 -y

Once we finish with the installation, we will find KeePass at the Mint menu, in the Accessories section.

In Ubuntu, we just need to search for it on the Dash.

How to change language in KeePass for Linux

There are multiple translations for KeePass, from Arabic and Bahasa Melayu to Ukrainian and Vietnamese.

In Windows, it is easy to change the language on KeePass, just by saving the translation file in the same folder as the KeePass.exe executable. In Linux, however, it is a bit trickier.

The first part is the same as in Windows. We visit http://keepass.info/translations.html and download the translation of our choice. In the example, we will download the Spanish file, by clicking on the [2.36+] link.

The translation is a .zip file of a few kilobytes.

We open the .zip file and extract the .lngx file inside our /home folder. It is important to select the /home folder because it will make the following commands easier.

After that, we fire up a terminal and type:

sudo cp (language).lngx /usr/lib/keepass2

Remember, Linux command line is case-sensitive, so writing cp Spanish.lngx isn’t the same as typing cp spanish.lngx. Make sure you use the correct case.

The successful run of this command will produce no confirmation message.

After that, we open KeePass, go to View -> Change Language

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