How to flash new firmware to Nexus 7

1. Prepare Nexus 7, enable developer options (in ‚Settings->About phone->build number‘ tap seven times) and make
sure it has at least some charge, say 50%.
2. Download and extract firmware from developers.google.com/android/images. Agree to terms.
3. Disconnect Nexus 7 and restart into maintenance mode, aka fastboot, Press Power Vol Up and Vol Down. You see an Android with the maintenance hatch open and ‚START‘ in green.
4. Plug in Nexus 7 to PC.
5. Prepare computer. In Software Manager install android-tools-adb and android-tools-fastboot.
6. In a terminal $ cd Downloads/<name of folder with firmware>
7. In a terminal $ sudo ./flash-all.sh
8. Enter password as normal.
9. Wait about 3 minutes. The Nexus 7 reboots. The first boot takes a long time.
10. Optionally, tidy up computer by uninstalling android-tools-adb and android-tools-fastboot
11. Done.
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