Teamviewer pre RBPI alebo bananapi

Install TeamViewer wget http://download.teamviewer.com/download/linux/version_11x/teamviewer-host_armhf.deb dpkg -i teamviewer-host_armhf.deb Install dependencies: # sudo apt-get install -f Get ID: cat /etc/teamviewer/global.conf | grep ClientID Finally, try logging in from another desktop using the TeamViewer desktop client Add a permanent password: teamviewer passwd my_passwordteamviewer-host_11-0-63329_armhf…
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x11vnc pre RBPI alebo bananapi

Run the following to install: # sudo apt-get install x11vnc # sudo x11vnc -storepasswd yourVNCpasswordHERE /etc/x11vnc.pass # sudo nano /lib/systemd/system/x11vnc.service Insert this into the file: [Unit] Description=“x11vnc“ Requires=display-manager.service After=display-manager.service [Service] ExecStart=/usr/bin/x11vnc -xkb -noxrecord -noxfixes -noxdamage -display :0 -auth guess -rfbauth…
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Spojenie diskov do 1 particie

 sudo apt-get install lvm2  sudo apt-get install system-config-lvm  sudo pvcreate /dev/sda1 sudo pvcreate /dev/sdb1 sudo ….for all disks create group from 1 disk exend group create partition, check mount… sudo chown -cR <user> /mount/point No tags for this post.

Instalacia ClamAV a addonu do thunderbirdu

nainstalovat: sudo apt-get install clamav clamav-base clamav-milter clamfs clamassassin clamav-daemon clamav-freshclam libclamav7 clamav-unofficial-sigs libclamunrar7 clamsmtp zapisat do sudo kate /etc/clamav/freshclam.conf SafeBrowsing yes zapisat do sudo kate /etc/clamav/clamd.conf TCPSocket 3310 TCPAddr update clamav: sudo /etc/init.d/clamav-freshclam restart && sudo service clamav-daemon restart &&…
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